Foundation and first generation

Ch Bardale Enchanted Storm of Lizanier, Martha, bred by Dale Fabian (Bardale), was whelped on 17 November 1992.  She was bred to two dogs imported to South Africa from Balrion (UK), both owned by Rod (the late) and Carmen Copestake, and also to the sons of both the Balrion dogs.  Comparing Martha’s pedigree to these stud dogs showed no opportunity for line-breeding, however, the types seemed to have been complementary, establishing a firm foundation under the Adamasdor prefix (established 1995).  Five South African champions in as many litters were bred from Martha.  While adding and strengthening modern black and yellow lines to her pedigree, Martha’s old-fashioned type was passed on to her progeny — she won the progeny challenge at the 2002 LRKC Championship Show under Mrs Carol Coode (Warringah).
Prominent UK dogs in Martha’s 3 generation pedigree included Sh Ch Poolstead Problem, Sh Ch Lindall Mastercraft and Charway Sally Brown.  Martha was first bred to Ch Dunolly Fast Bowler to Chezenko (Reid), then to his father Ch Balrion Bowled a Bouncer to Breckondale (Copestake).  Bouncer was the son of Sh Ch Sandylands Royal Escort, the type of dog that we admired from early days.  From the first litter a black bitch, Ch Adamasdor Casta Diva, became our proud first home-bred, and second kennel champion and LRKC Victrix Ludorum 1998.  Form Martha’s second litter a yellow dog, Ch Adamasdor Maestro Kalaf, and a yellow bitch Ch Adamasdor Madam Butterfly (Mathilda), were the third and fourth champions.  Martha was bred twice to Ch Balrion Black Arrogance of Breckondale (Copestake) and a dog was kept from the second litter, Ch Adamasdor Kolya Cossack (5th champion).  Black Arrogance added the dominant black lines of Hawksmoor’s Webster and Dickendall Arnold to the kennel gene pool.  Martha was bred one last time to the son of Black Arrogance, Ch Trevena Tantalite (Holman) and she gave us one boy, called Ch Adamasdor Zorba’s Dance (6th champion).  This added the lines of Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway and Kupros Master Mariner to the kennel. 


Adamasdor Labrador Retrievers

Finding and focusing on breeding the type we love

Although Martha’s oldest black daughter Diva, was very successful in the show ring, she was bred only twice before she suffered severe kidney failure due to a suspected poisoning and her daughter Adamasdor Babette (out of Ch Balrion Black Arrogance of Breckondale and the only one kept from this Diva's offspring) was not bred only once due to an injury in her hind leg. With this incredible misfortune, Martha's yellow daughter, Ch Adamasdor Madam Butterfly (Mathilda), was the only one to carry on the bitch line. Mathilda was bred to a dog that had the pedigree of which the dogs in the ancestry had the type we wanted to establish in our kennel. Ch Heatherbourne Crown Derby of Craignair (imported from the UK by Mrs Jane Pott), was used twice on Mathilda, making the offspring line-bred to Sh Ch Sandylands Royal Escort.  From this breeding a bitch was kept, Ch Adamasdor Calamity Cato, who became one of the most successful of all our dogs in the show ring to date. Amongst her many Best of Breeds and Gundog Group wins and placings, she was the BIS at the Gundog Club Championship show in 2002 (Dave Shields) and again in 2005 (Frank Kane).  We were very lucky that this early breeding produced a bitch of such soundness, type and really unforgettable temperament. She therefore was regarded almost as a second foundation from which several lines were created and bred on from to breeding later introduced to Adamasdor. With her first litter, the aim was to further strengthen what Cato had, by introducing more of the Sandylands lines to her pedigree and hopefully the type as well. The dog Cato was bred to, Ch Tapeatom “L” for Leather of Dennegeur (bred by Mrs Betty Howard and owned by Mr Danie Kritzinger), was the son of Lapema's Leo of Sandylands out of Tapeatom Busy Lizzie - on both sides heavily influenced by Sandylands dogs. Three pups were kept from this litter and our expectation were fulfilled - all three were made up as champions, Ch Adamasdor Mooi Matthys (who became Victor Ludorum of the LRKC before he was two years old) and his litter sisters Ch Adamasdor Sofia Safraan and Ch Adamasdor Katrien were of remarkable type and with clear hips, elbows and eyes.  Following this early success we decided to visit a number of kennels in the UK and also Mrs Betty Howard in Jersey (Tapeatom) and in 2003 imported Tapeatom Solo Singer of Adamasdor, who soon was made up as a champion. Solo, a grandson of Sh Ch Sandylands Gad-about sired the 2005 LRKC BIS Ch Adamasdor Spywholovedme (Lara) (under Mr Gary Johnson—Cremino), also out of Martha’s daughter, Mathilda. In later years two more Tapeatom-bred dogs joined Adamasdor, further strengthening the Tapeatom and Sandylands influence in our kennel - Tapeatom Lente of Adamasdor arrived in late 2004 when she was one year old already and later her litter-brother, Ch Tapeatom Goliath of Cellan (Markus) arrived when he was almost two years old having first belonged to Johan Cilliers (Cellan).  Therefore, although Markus never carried the Adamasdor name, he was made up a champion being shown by and living at Adamasdor. Markus was made up within four consecutive shows and in the same year became the first All Breeds Best in Show winner at Adamasdor. Markus and Lente were sired by Sh Ch Sandylands Gad-about out of Tapeatom Libertine, a daughter of Lapema’s Leo of Sandylands out of Tapeatom Gilly with a G. We loved this particular pedigree and type and Markus and Lente became an integral part of our continued breeding programme. As part of the quest to obtain as much as we could at the time from these valuable lines, even Markus and Lente's litter brother, Ch Tapeatom Great Guy of Dwarsberg was used at stud to two of the Adamasdor bitches. With the successes of Martha's daughter (Mathilda) and granddaughter (Cato) to these lines, Martha's son, Ch Adamasdor Maestro Kalaf (litter brother to Mathilda), was also bred to these lines and he produced the lovely Ch Adamasdor Hanna out of T Lente of Adamasdor. Kalaf also produced a daughter, Lekkerwijn Merrygoround of Adamasdor (Saartjie), out of a bitch bred by Mrs Margeret Bell, Ailsacraig Snowdrop of Lekkerwijn. Saartjie was then bred to the same Tapeatom breeding (Ch Tapeatom Great Guy of Dwarsberg), and became the mother of our top-winning Ch Adamasdor’s Rolls Royce (Willem), out of Ch Tapeatom Great Guy of Dwarsberg. Willem became the top-winning Labrador in South Africa for three years in a row and our second all-breeds Best in Show winner. We were therefore indeed lucky to have started of with some good dogs that could successfully produce to well-known pedigrees and dogs.

With the arrival of Fiela, Ch Brightwood Dark n Delishus at Adamasdor (Ch Foulby Roaming Free at Brigthwood ex Ch Rocheby Ship Shape at Brightwood), a chocolate bitch bred by Mrs Pam Richardson in 2000, therefore even before the arrival of the Tapeatom dogs, the aim was to diversify, but still to a type we thought would compliment what we already had at that stage. Fiela had Sh Ch Sandylands Gad-about and Ch Kupros Master Mariner as grandfathers on sire and dam’s side respectively.  Grandmothers were from Rocheby and Foulby.  Fiela was a chocolate bitch, carrying no yellow, but the fact that she was chocolate was of really no consequence in our decision when she was made available to us by Mrs Richardson. Fiela was made up as champion at her first championship show over the age of 18 months and just following the successes of Cato in the show ring. Fiela's major achievements were Reserve Best Puppy in Show All Breeds at the Roodepoort and Districts Championship Show, BIS at the 2003 LRKC Championship Show under Mrs Lynne Mincella (Abbeystead, UK) and throughout her career several Gundog Group wins and placings.  From a litter to Martha’s oldest son, Ch Adamasdor Maestro Kalaf, whelped on 18 March 2005, two black pups were kept that carried all three Labrador colours, Adamasdor Maestro Maxim and Adamasdor Emma. Fiela later produced a chocolate litter to an imported dog, Ch Carriegame Bobby Dazzler of Dirnelia (Bakkes) from which two girls were kept, Adamasdor Sally Mokkapot and Adamasdor Elsa Cappucino.

Integrating the Tapeatom/Sandylands lines into the existing Adamasdor pedigrees was done with cross-over breeding. Most influential in this integration was Ch Adamasdor Calamity Cato, from whom several bitch lines were created:
As discussed above, Cato was first bred to Tapeatom "L" for Leather (son of Lapema's Leo of Sandylands) to produce 3 champions, Matthys, Sofia and Katrien. Matthys and Katrien (a brother and sister) were then respectively bred with the brother and sister Tapeatom dogs resident at Adamasdor (Markus and Lente). From the breeding of Matthys and Lente, two girls were kept - Adamasdor Mooi Martina and Adamasdor Lil Leila. Unfortunately Leila suffered a major pyometra with her first litter and had to be spayed. It is therefore with great expectation that we now hope for offspring from Martina. Matthys also produced Adamasdor's Great Gatsby out of Lekkerwijn Merrygoround at Adamasdor, however due to space limitations, Gatsby now lives with a new owner nearby. Matthys' litter sister, Ch Adamasdor Katrien, in turn bred to Lente's brother Markus, produced Adamasdor's White Joker and Adamasdor Miss Betty (Lizzie), so named in honour of Mrs Betty Howard (Tapeatom).
Cato was also bred to Ch Tapeatom Great Guy of Dwarsberg to produce Adamasdor Swart Magriet and Magriet in turn produced Adamasdor Bismark out of Adamasdor's Great Gatsby. Bismark is therefore the continuation of the line from Leo, L for Leather, Matthys and Gatsby on his sire's side, with on the dam side sires also going back Sh Ch Sandylands Gad-about, half-brother to Lapeama's Leo (both were sired by Ch Sandylands My Guy). Magriet was bred to Willem, however nothing was kept from the breeding. Magriet's daughter, Adamasdor Black Zambuko of Kloofzicht (van Tonder) produced to Ch Craignair Special Vintage of Kloofzicht (van Tondert) a really lovely litter from which a pup was then welcomed at Adamasdor, Kloofzicht Black Bently to Adamasdor (Victor). From Magriet's last litter to Adamasdor Diesel Jeans, another black boy was kept, Adamasdor Red Robert (Robbie).
Cato was bred one last time to Ch Adamasdor's Rolls Royce (Willem) to produce Adamasdor Lena Ferrari.

The Tapeatom/Sandylands line was also integrated with the line introduced by the Ch Brightwood Dark and Delishus at Adamasdor (Fiela), who also had Sh Ch Sandylands Gad-about as grandfather. Fiela's offspring out of Ch Adamasdor Maestro Kalaf, Maxim and Emma were also put to the Tapeatom dogs in cross-over fashion. Maxim was bred to Tapeatem Lente of Adamasdor, to produce Adamasdor Pennyroyal Mint (Penny) and Emma was bred twice to Ch Tapeatom Goliath of Cellan (Markus). From the first litter was kept Adamasdor Diesel Jeans and from the second litter Adamasdor Peter Blue Moon and Adamasdor Mali Moonsong

The foundation of the Adamasdor Kennel was therefore truly built on Martha's two children out of Ch Balrion Bowled a Bouncer to Breckondale, Kalaf and Mathilda, who were bred mostly to the influential Tapeatom and Sandylands lines. The successes of Adamasdor are therefore reported with great humility, acknowledgement and recognition of the work done by these breeders, which today allow us to reap a most generous harvest of Labradors we believe are true to type and temperament.

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Martha (17 Nov 1992 - 4 April 2008).

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Martha on 4 April 08. She was our foundation brood bitch and her name will live on in Adamasdor pedigrees. Our memory of her will be that of a kind and gentle soul who was part of our lives for 15 and half years. She was a wonderful companion with the kindest temperament and lovely old-fashioned type. Now, 6 generations later, I know I could not have wished for a better foundation for all Adamasdor breeding. We miss you Ouvroutjie.